Friday, October 24, 2008


Shopping centres in and around Cairo appeal to most visitors. Egyptian products are so varied and meet various tastes and different levels of income. These centers or (markets) provide quality which rivals International standards .
The Khan Khalili Bazaar
Comprising an array of shops dating to the 14th Century AD, Khan Khalili is renowned for its indigenous character and the magnificent variety of gold and silver works, embroidered clothing, leather goods and ivory-inlaid woodwork in addition to the many other attractive handicraft.
Is the main center for hand-made carpets. Shopping centers are also available in some major hotels and in center and outskirts of town. These sell silk, cotton and wool textiles as well as leather goods including shoes and bags.

Is famed for its embroidered cotton and silk dresses as well as other hand-made products.

Modern Shopping Centers
In all cairo are always big and modern malls for everything .