Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coptic Cairo

The Hanging Church (al-Mu'allaqa)
Originating in the 4th century, the Hanging Church was built over the southern Gate of the Fortress of Babylon. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, its treasures include a 14th-century wall-painting of the Nativity.
Church of St. Sergius and St.Bacchus
A 5th-century basilica, built over a crypt where the Holy Family are believed to have stayed during their flight into Egypt.
Church of St. Mercurius (Abu Sefein)
A unique collection of Coptic art including 175 icons representing scenes from the Old and New Testaments, wall paintings and stained glass.
The Convent of St.George(Mari Girgis)
In the oldest part of Cairo, the chapel is reached through a Fatimid hallway and contains the relics of St.George in a cedarwood casket.
The Coptic Museum
The finest collection of Coptic art and antiquities in the world, including illuminated manuscripts, icons and textiles.

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